24 Hours in Shanghai? Here’s where to go!

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24 Hours in Shanghai? Here’s where to go!

1.  Walk along the Bund

Probably the starting point for any trip in Shanghai.   A walk along the Bund provides a cool breeze with views of the ultra modern Pudong Skyline on one side and the colonial era French concession on the other.  The Bund seems surprisingly endless.  I managed to walk for 30 minutes before deciding to head back in the opposite direction.

Directions: Take metro line 10 or metro line 2 to Nanjing Dong Zhan (南京东路站 ) then walk 5 minutes to the Bund.

2.  Shopping on Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is a completely pedestrianized shopping street that stretches from Nanjing Road East (starting at the Bund) to Nanjing Road West.  There are plenty of restaurants, shops and shopping malls along the way.   In the evening neon signs provide excellent photo opportunities.   Nanjing Road is the London Oxford Street of Shanghai, but without the traffic.

Directions: Take metro line 10 or metro line 2 to Nanjing Dong Zhan (南京东路站).

3. Visit Yu Yuan Garden

Chinese Pavilions, towers, rockeries, bridges and Koi ponds are all features that make a visit the the Yu Garden peacful despite the number of tourists.  Entry is only 30 yuan.   Next to the garden is the Yu Yuan Garden Mall – While the buildings look traditional they are obviously quite new – but it’s a fun place to haggle for souvenirs, have something to eat or sip a starbucks and people watch.

Directions: Take metro line 10 to Yuyuan Zhan (豫园站).

4.  Visit Xintiandi

Another shopping area with plenty of outdoor restaurants and coffee shops.   This affluent area is completely pedestrianized with a more refined, relaxed and casual atmosphere in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Nanjing Road.

Directions: Take metro line 10 to Xintiandi Zhan ( 新天地站).

5. Bar Rouge

Feel like a drink after an exhausting day of sightseeing?  Head to Bar Rouge – a roof top bar overlooking the Bund.  Sip a cocktail while taking in a night view of the Pudong skyline.  Entry on Saturday is not cheap at 200 yuan but it’s a great location.

Directions:  18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, The Bund.  Take the lift to the 6th Floor and then stairs to the 7th Floor.



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