What does the Chinese Foo Dog represent?

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What does the Chinese Foo Dog represent?

What does the foo dog represent?

Chinese Foo Dogs, also called fu dogs or beijing lions are traditional Chinese guardians. Foo Dogs represent powerful mystic guardians that protected a family’s wealth and social status in ancient times. Fu Dogs were always put in front of important places such as temples and government buildings.

Food Dogs are usually in pairs – the male represents Ying and the female represents Yang. The male has a type of ball under foot and protects the structure of the building, while the female has a cub under foot and protects the inside of the building. Placement of the Foo Dogs is very important in Feng Shui – the male is always on the right and the female is always on the left of the entrance.

Today Foo Dogs are still used as guardians to protect homes, restaurants, banks, hotels and stores to ward off evil energy.
Placing Foo Dogs at home or in the office can bring you fortune and prosperity, guard your house and ward off ill fortune.

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