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    Many people have become rich live streaming video games. One of the popular platforms for live streaming video games is Twitch.

    How to live stream on Twitch using your PC:
    1. Create a Twitch account
    2. Download some software called Xsplit and create an account
    3. Connect your Xsplt account to your Twitch account and start live streaming

    Once you install the Xsplit software it’s pretty intuitive to play around with and set-up the live streaming. The complicated part is realizing that you need to download Xspit in the first place – as there’s nothing on Twitch that indicates that you need additional software.

    Effortless, if you like playing video games

    Time consuming if you only play video games occassionaly
    Takes time to aquire followers

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  Rob C.
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