How to memorize Chinese characters

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How to memorize Chinese characters


How to memorize Chinese characters

Many beginners mistakenly believe that they need to learn how to memorize Chinese characters in order to learn Chinese.  In my opinion you do not need to learn how to memorize Chinese characters in order to learn Chinese.  My advice is to use Flash cards!

Flash cards are an excellent way to learn Chinese characters because our ability to recall information is much better than our ability to remember information. If you are reading some Chinese text you only need the ability to recall a character in order to know what it means.  Not only is our ability to recall much better – but it’s also much faster to learn many Chinese characters learning flash cards.

Below are 2 great Flashcard products we recommend to help you learn Chinese Fast!

Chineasy™ 60 Flashcards

The Chinese language is traditionally taught through a series of between roughly 180 and 215 radicals. These radicals are then used to form the characters of the Chinese language. Chineasy™ has broken down this collection of characters into their most basic and recurring forms, allowing students to learn fewer and simpler radicals that we have termed ‘building blocks’. One building block, or a specific compound form of the building block can be combined with one or more other characters to make a compound character.  This principle of building blocks is what makes Chineasy™ so easy!

Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 1: Characters 1-349: Hsk Elementary Level

A native speaker of Chinese knows 5,000 to 10,000 characters. For English speakers, that fact alone summarizes the challenges of learning Chinese! To succeed in mastering Chinese characters, there are 3 secrets: learners need to begin with the most useful characters, study them in the most effective order, and use repetition galore. Flash cards are ideal for this, and the Chinese Characters Flash Cards Kit offers the learner the right characters in the right learning order.

In conclusion, stop learning how to memorize Chineses characters and start learning how to use flashcards to recall Chinese characters instead!

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