Online TEFL vs Classroom

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Online TEFL vs Classroom


Online TEFL vs Classroom

This article aims to help you decide whether to choose an online TEFL vs classroom .   Having considered both a classroom TEFL and an online TEFL here are my 3 reasons why I decided to study online.

1. Convenient

Online TEFL’s allow you to learn at home at your own pace. No need to attend a class, take time off work, commute or make any other arrangements.

2. Cost

Online TEFL’s are cheaper than classroom courses – there’s no teacher and there’s no classroom that you need to pay for.  You also save money on commuting costs and possibly accommodation too.

3. Practical

In places like Beijing or Shanghai you’re expected to have either 2 years teaching experience or a 120 hour TEFL certificate before you can start teaching English.   However job adverts make no preference as to whether this is a  classroom based course or online.  A reputable online TEFL that can provide excellent teaching materials and give you the  skills you need to teach English will be just as acceptable to a potential recruiter as a classroom course.

In Addition 

Traditional classroom courses like to emphasize that they can give you real world teaching experience.   While this is useful it’s not essential.  The number of teaching hours classrom courses typically offer is only 6 hours.    If you find yourself teaching 16 hours or more per week – then you’ll have as much practical experience after a few days as any classroom course can provide.


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